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  • Ties between COMSATS and Turkey Consolidated
  • Experts from the North visit COMSATS Secretariat
  • Reception Held to Celebrate Accession of the Federal Republic of Somalia to COMSATS
  • Avenues of Cooperation discussed with Ambassador of Morocco to Pakistan
  • The Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan Visits COMSATS Secretariat
  • Ambassador of Nepal to Pakistan visits COMSATS Secretariat
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  Brief Introduction
About us
  COMSATS is an intergovernmental organization with its permanent Secretariat based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Established in 1994, the organization comprising 26 Member States, strives to promote South-South cooperation in the fields of Science and Technology that are most relevant to socio-economic development. A Network of 21 Centres of Excellence in four continents affiliated with COMSATS, provides the necessary pool of human resources and scientific infrastructure for undertaking a variety of capacity-building programmes, bilateral and multilateral cooperative research and consultancy/advocacy for the promotion of S&T as primary ingredient of national development plans. The mission of COMSATS is to help create a world where all nations are at peace with one another and capable of providing good quality of life to their populations in a sustainable way using modern S&T resources.

COMSATS also provides an institutional platform for North-South technical cooperation in areas of common interest such as Energy, Health, Education, Information Technology, and Environment. The flagship projects of COMSATS in Pakistan are open to all Member Countries for training and consultancy.

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COMSATS Tab Contents
12th December 2017
COMSATS Strengthens Ties with Turkish Institutions

A four-member Turkish delegation comprising of the President of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Turkey, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arif Ergin; President of TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre (MAM), Turkey Dr. Orkun Hasekioglu; ... [ Read more ]

11th December 2017
Experts from the North visit COMSATS Secretariat

Dr. John Kirkland formerly associated to the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), UK, is on a four-day visit to COMSATS Secretariat in Islamabad. Decorated with the Order of British Empire, Dr. Kirkland has an experience of over 30 years in higher education management both in the context of developing and developed countries, ...... [ Read more ]

8th December 2017
Reception Held to Celebrate Accession of the Federal Republic of Somalia to COMSATS

COMSATS hosted a reception on 8th December 2017 in order to celebrate the accession of Federal Republic of Somalia to COMSATS. Representing Somalia, the Honourable Ambassador of Somalia to Pakistan, Ms. Khadija Almakhzoumi graced the reception with her presence..... [ Read more ]

27th November 2017
Avenues of Cooperation discussed with Ambassador of Morocco to Pakistan

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Karmoune, visited COMSATS Secretariat, on 27th November 2017 in order to hold a meeting with the Executive Director COMSATS, Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi..... [ Read more ]

24th November 2017
The Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan Visits COMSATS Secretariat

The Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Ivan Ivanissevich visited COMSATS Secretariat on 24th November 2017 to hold a meeting with Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi, Executive Director.... [ Read more ]

24th November 2017
Ambassador of Nepal to Pakistan visits COMSATS Secretariat

The Honourable Ambassador of Nepal to Pakistan, Her Excellency Ms. Sewa Lamsal Adhikari paid a visit to COMSATS Secretariat on 24th November 2017 upon invitation of Executive Director.... [ Read more ]

16th November 2017
Visit of COMSATS' Delegation to ICGEB, Trieste, Italy

A four-member delegation of COMSATS headed by Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi, Executive Director COMSATS, and comprising of Mr. Tajammul Hussain, Advisor (Programmes); Dr. Kamran Jahangir, Advisor (TAC); and Mr. Farhan Ansari, Senior Assistant Director (Programmes)...... [ Read more ]

15th November 2017
Second Meeting of COMSATS Technical Advisory Committee held in Trieste, Italy

The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) held the second meeting of its International Technical Advisory Committee on 15th November 2017,..... [ Read more ]


Recurring Activities

Capacity-building in various fields of science and technology that are most relevant to the developmental needs of the Member States constitute a major part of COMSATS’ Programmes. Some of the capacity-building activities of COMSATS, in the form of seminars, workshops and conference, have become recurrent features over the years. These activities are mostly held in collaboration with partner international partner organizations, like UNESCO, ISESCO, INIT, as well as COMSATS’ affiliated Centres of Excellence in the Member States. Some key recurring activities include:


International Thematic Research Groups (ITRGs)

COMSATS created International Thematic Research Groups (ITRGs) with an objective to achieve South-South cooperation by undertaking well-defined joint research projects in various S&T fields with the participation of researchers and scientists belonging to different R&D institutions from COMSATS' member countries and other developing countries.

The six ITRGs of COMSATS with designated Lead Centres from amongst COMSATS’ Network are: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) (CIIT-Pakistan); 1. Agriculture, Food Security and Biotechnology (NRC-Egypt); Natural Products Sciences (ICCBS-Pakistan); Climate Change and Environmental Protection (ICCES-China); Mathematical Modeling (NMC-Nigeria); and Renewable Energy (IROST-Iran). The focus of these ITRGs is on joint research projects, expert-exchange, short-term trainings and sharing of facilities/laboratory resources. The Groups’ membership is open to all willing relevant institutions from the developing countries.


Flagship Projects

In view of the slow ingress of information technologies in developing countries and their critical importance for the greater pace of socio-economic development, COMSATS launched three projects in its host country during the period 1996-2001. These projects involved provision of reliable Internet services, high quality education in information technology, and utilization of Internet as a means of delivering healthcare services. These pioneering initiatives, two of which have become full-fledged institutions, are now designated as 'Flagship Projects' of COMSATS. The experience gained over the years in the operation of these ventures, listed below, is an invaluable resource for COMSATS' Member Countries.

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16th CTWF International Symposium on Advances in Seasonal to Decadal Prediction, 18-20 Sept. 2017 Beijing, China
International Conference on Advanced Oxidation Process, November 2-4, Tunisia
World Science Forum 2017, Jordan
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CIIT holds its historic Celebrates 100th Convocation
Fostering Solar Technology in the Mediterranean Area Concludes
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Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ghana
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